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Red Dirt Skinners - Under Utopian Skies

The latest studio album from the Red Dirt Skinners

Under Utopian Skies is a collection of positive songs, with a marked move from their former ties to the British Blues and Country scene. Under Utopian Skies is a mature and creative work which displays the duo’s almost telepathic harmonies in full force. The album makes good use of both Rob and Sarah’s multi-instrumentalist skills to create a full sound with soaring choruses and clever, thought provoking lyrics. In addition to 8 original tracks, the duo are honoured to have been given permission by Pink Floyd music publishers ltd. to include their stunning cover of Comfortably Numb. The title ‘Under Utopian Skies’ is a nod to the duo’s love of Canada and the fact that after an entire lifetime of feeling out of place, both Rob and Sarah finally feel at home together in their new home in Ontario.

Track listing;
1. Hey Crawford
2. Blossom and Rain
3. Comfortably Numb
4. Lay Me Down
5. Here With You
6. An Isolated Episode of Transient Global Amnesia
7. Sad Songs
8. Under Utopian Skies
9. This House