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Red Dirt Skinners - Bear With Us

Bear With Us is a collection of ten original songs from the groundbreaking Red Dirt Skinners.
From as far back as their 2012 album “Home Sweet Home” (a collection of songs about a break in at their home), the Skinners have become well known for writing songs that see the positives in negative situations.
Recent immigrants to Canada (under the “performers of a world class category”), the duo have a unique
perspective on life. This album draws on such hard hitting subject matters as dementia, homelessness and narcissistic abuse, whilst still managing to produce music which is uplifting with soaring choruses, catchy lyrics and the ever present award-winning sound of Sarah’s saxophone solos.
This album is a triumph to positive thinking and a further development of the bands signature sound.

Track Listing;

1. Your Butterfly 3.27
2. Brighter Days Ahead 4.08
3. Hearts Not Here 4.35
4. On Western Road 3.30
5. Perfect Like You 3.44
6. The Lady 3.24
7. These Colours Ran 2.46
8. Wolf In The Woods 4.00
9. A Life On Pause 3.40
10. Feet Of Clay 7.59